Kite-flags to grace the sky!

Kite-flag (dragonflag) is a light-material flag lifted to the sky using  the power of wind. 

Kite flags

The kite itself is barely visible to the viewers, leaving them wondering how is it possible for a huge flag to fly on its‘ own, thus attracting more attention. It can also become a screen for light projections during nighttime. Due to the unique technology we developed over years, flags of large dimentions can be safely flown in public places, such as parks, city squares and beaches. Until now we have flown huge state flags (400 sqm Lithuanian, Ukrainian 620 sqm and European Union flag of 850 sqm), advertisement banners and also participated in various art projects.

Our interest is also to form partnerships with event planning, management and marketing companies.


Attraction point of the event

Kite-flag becomes a perfect finishing touch to an event, unifiying its‘ aura.


Kite-flag with a logo or text can be flown:
In the event venue. Flag under 100 sqm is mostly suitable for the events of local importance.
It can be easily moved through the sky along the beach or be managed from a jet ski in the lakes, seas and rivers;
In city parks, squares and stadiums. The kite-flag starting from 100 sqm is recommended to provide better visibility to a wider part of the city.

Video and laser projections

During nighttime a white flag can serve as a screen in the sky. This technique is probably the first practical method to project images in the sky.

Laser projection over Vilnius city

Art making

A white flag can also be painted with acrylic colours. Professional artists use it to create a great attraction point for people to observe the process and maybe even participate in. The painting on such a large canvas alone is impressive.

Visibility and recognition

Visibility of the kite-flag depends mostly on size and altitude, the area from which it is possible to see and recognise the banner being proportional to these two . For example, 50 m2 kite-flag at 150 m altitude can be seen clear in a ground area of about 27 sqkm (in radius of 3 km), when 200 sqm will be visible in the ground area of about 113 sqkm (in radius of 6 km). The recognition of the logo or larger letters is in few times less radius.
Flying objects easily attract attention most of the time but kite-flags also impress by their size. They remind the Magic flying-carpet, since the small lifting kite is much higher and the holding lines seem to be invisible, thus leaving it difficult to understand how it‘s able to fly.
Nonetheless, the media is attracted by such visual events. For example, the flight of a huge kite-flag in Ukraine (2013) was published in more than 40 different online media reports.

Kites-flags for areal advertisement

Flying Kites/Flags is a great opportunity to expose your trademark in a unique and nature-friendly way. People enjoy seeing big and jet lightweight flag flying in the sky and it's exiting to try to figure out the technical solution.

The visibility and recognition is why kites are such a good and effective way to advertise. A flag flying in 100meters altitude can be seen in few kilometers radius. Efficiency is even better when good weather, busy hours and places (public events, festivals, beaches) are combined.

Good example of kite/flag aerial advertising is Nuova group flag. Thanks to flying the flag during the fall and winter it became recognized to great majority of people in Kaunas. This flag was also able to fly in the dark and be visible thanks to light specially constructed and attached for that purpose.
Comparison of other ways of aerial advertising:

Kites: The kite itself is relatively small so it is harder to see what is painted/written on them because they fly high where the wind is better.
Helium balloons: To be well visible has to be big and therefore not cheap.
Helicopter banners: This way let's you fly pretty big banners but the costs are high.
Hot air balloon: They are big and well visible but the costs are high.
Kite carried banners: Ecological and silent way to fly a flag. Flags and kites are compact and easy to transport. It looks special and attractive.

Kite-flags with logo